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We hold ourselves to unparalleled standards of quality, safety and results — for you and your business. As one of Asia’s leader in the packaging industry, we seek to raise the bar and set the course high for your business success.
we believe in better

We’re committed to providing beyond top notch services. Whether it’d be streamlining how your product gets shipped or reducing cost, we can help you reach your next goal. We have a comprehensive testing and quality assurance protocol to ensure we meet the highest standards of functionality, safety and quality for every batch of our products.

Value-driven organization

Our core values guide more than just our operations
— they’re the driving force behind the
future we’re committed to changing.

Quality Tested
& Validated
Our Quality management system is rigorously tested and in conformance with the International Quality System.
Our manufacturing environment operates on the principle where waste is reduced and efficiency is maximized.
Diverse Mindset
& Outlook
In service to a wide variety of industries, we share our engineering, manufacturing, and knowledge across multiple products and industries.
As leaders in this transformative industry, we feel a deep responsibility to define a new paradigm for giving back to the community.
Exceeding customer expectations through continuous quality, cost, delivery and management systems improvements.
Training(change please)
Creating an inclusive work environment in which every employee knows they are valued and are value driven.
Our team


Virat Cholsaipant
Managing Director
Sureerat Cholsaipant
Executive Director
Therdsak Phadungpattanodom
Chief Operations Officer
Vuttichai Komanan
Chief Marketing Officer
Jittima Piyasinchai
Chief Quality Officer
Pimrak Joongjai
Chief Innovation Officer

Our uncompromising approach
in bringing our values to life.

At Bangkok Polybulk, the journey to making us better is a long one,
and we’re just getting started. Here are a few of our proudest moments so far:

Giving Back Green Space

For 2020, we planted 50 trees in Thailand’s national public park. We pledge to give back green space to the planet and our community.

The Bangkok Flood

We've donated over +500 bulk bags filled with sand to build flood wall and in-kind donations to communities affected by flooding.

Providing Education Tools

We encourage any active involvement: either donating time, energy or contributing funds to pioneering underrepresented communities in Thailand.

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